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Our story

Semal Soochak
Founder (Semal Visual)
Exhaustive Wedding Photographer

“Photography is the beauty of life captured”

I Semal, I walk, I Look, I See, I Stop, I Captured. According to me Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, It can achieve.

I’m a self – Hereditary photographer and filmmaker, living in Rajkot (Gujarat), a nice city in India.

I’ve started to be interested in photography in when I was born and that is it. Every growing and never slowing since then. Very thankful to my Dad who is inspire me and always appreciate for Photography and all.

This is not the main thing I do, since I’m also the CEO at a well reputed Firm, Amee Photography – A Wedding Photographer Also considering the very little time I can dedicate to it, but surely it has changed my way of looking at the world around me, because my eyes now always seem to move trying to go beyond the simple appearances of things in search of their intrinsic beauty and overall, of my personal way to show it through my photography.

I started offering professional photography services back in Year 2013, once I was sure, I had the perfect equipments and skills to roll. I love colourful weddings, events and nicer people, of course well dressed and good looking. That really makes a good subject for me, or I simply let the camera to sleep in the backpack.

I’m available most of the time, when it comes to photography and film making. So, if you need something done, feel free to email me at ask@semal.co.in or call me on +91-97234-58779.

“A Camera is a SAVE button for the mind’s eye”

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